Challenge System Rules!!!

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Challenge System Rules!!!

Post by [T-GX] Sujan on Wed Apr 08, 2015 12:55 am

Challenge System Rules

1. Member can challenge to other members for a battle and winner wins 100 points.
2. Member should save replays and give it to leader or sub-leader.
   Member can share the screenshots of their match.
3. Member can challenge 2 times per day.
4. They can challenge and keep points more than 100 but loser will lose that points (decrease  on his point) and winner take all.

Example wrote: Sujan challenge Sujan1 and keep points as 200 and Sujan win then -100 of Sujan1( before challenge Sujan1 have points:400 but after challenge Sujan1 have points:300)

This points will reflects your vanguard skills.

Have a fun
[T-GX] Sujan

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