Creative Works Rules

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Creative Works Rules

Post by [T-GX] Sujan on Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:18 pm

Creative Works Rules

Don't post a thread for every single card you make. If it's a standalone card, this is acceptable, but if it's an archetype, please just update the OP.
Don't bash/flame. Constructive Criticism only, please. That way people can learn how to improve.
Avoid being elitist/annoying/arrogant. It just makes it clear that you're not there to help.
Put some thought into what you say. It's not a good idea to just post "OP" or "That's broken", step it up a little and include a bit of reasoning.
Don't spam. If I see any of it, it's going. This goes for everyone.
When you post a card(s), make sure to explain why you made them. Otherwise, they may look like they were made without good reason.
Make sure to put the name of your card/clan/archetype in your title, or a description of the topic.

Now, let's make some cards!
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