Tsukuyomi OTT stride deck!

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Tsukuyomi OTT stride deck!

Post by [T-GX] Ronsico on Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:23 pm

Hi guys. This is the build for my Tsukuyomi/Susanoo stride deck I will be using at Team Tournament this year.

Grade 0s - 17

1x Godhawk, Ichibyoshi [Starter]
4x Lozenge Magus [Heal]
4x Psychic Bird [Crit]
4x Oracle Guardian, Nike [Crit]
4x Paisley Magus [Crit]

Grade 1s - 14

4x Meditator, Amenosagiri [PG]
4x Oracle Guardian, Gemini
4x Goddess of the Crescent Moon, Tsukuyomi
2x Divine Sword, Amenomurakumo

Grade 2s - 12

4x Silent Tom
4x Goddess of the Half Moon, Tsukuyomi
3x Divine Calm, Kuroikazuchi

Grade 3s - 8

4x Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi
4x Supreme Sky Battle Diety, Susanoo

Strides - 8

4x Descended Sword Diety, Takemikazuchi
3x Soaring Auspicious Beast, Kirin
1x Miracle Element, Atmos

Please leave questions and/or criticism if you have any!
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